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Overlooking Central Park and the Upper West Side

Blocks for Blocks Symposium

Symposium day is almost here! Please see the program below! We are so excited that Curb Allure is donating a tree guard worth over $800 for our raffle. All you have to do is fill out an evaluation at the end of the event!

If you have already RSVPed, thank you!

If you have not RSVP’d, please do so NOW by replying to cbclnyc@gmail.com! Include RSVP in the subject line, number of participants and which block or neighborhood you represent. Thursday will be the last day to submit photos for our slide show. If you are interested in reserving an information table for your group, please let us know by Friday.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday morning!!

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Blocks for Blocks Symposium
Saturday, April 21, 9am-1pm
Rutgers Community Space, 5th Floor
Rutgers Church, 236 West 73 St
(Subway/Bus:  1 2 3 to Broadway/72 St; B C to Central Park West/72 St; M104 to Broadway/72 St)

Symposium Program

09:00 Sign In & Reception
Info Booths – Ground Floor
Morning Refreshments – Auditorium

10:00 Opening Remarks
Location: Auditorium
DeAnna Rieber, Symposium Organizer – Welcome

10:30 Breakout Sessions 1-3
Session 1: Strengthen Your Organizational Core
Location: Classroom
DeAnna Rieber, W75BA
Helen Rosenthal, CB7

Session 2 Fundraising
Location: Conference Rm
Carl Bevelhymer, W 55BA, “Generating Revenue: 501c3, Donations, Grants, Events”

Session 3 Digging In: Urban Greening & Beautification
Location: Auditorium
From organizing a community gardening group to reclaiming public spaces
Christine Gorman, W55BA, “Watering Brigade & Gardening Party”
Kim Johnson, Curb Allure, “Making Space to Grow: Because Every Street Should Be Beautiful”  

11:30 Coffee Break
Refreshments – Auditorium  

11:45 Breakout Sessions 4-6 |
Session 4 Tapping Potential: Inclusive Community Engagement
Location: Conference Room
Tariq Shahid, W116CA, “Boosting Participation Across Generations & Demographics”
Bruce Stark, Beacon Paint, “Community Stewardship: A Local Business Perspective”

Session 5 Getting the Word Out: Technology & Outreach
Location: Auditorium
Steven Lutgens, W55BA, “Going Online: Websites, Facebook & More”
Carl Bevelhymer, W55BA, “Developing Content: What to say and how, using text, photos and video”
Local News Reporter/TBD, “Help the press help you: How to pitch a reporter/editor/producer”

Session 6 Community in Action: How It All Comes Together
Location: Classroom
Christine Berthet, CHEKPEDS, “Community Vision: Less Traffic Better Streets” Erika Petersen, West End Preservation Society
Lisa Sladkus, Upper West Side Streets Renaissance
Mel Wymore, UWS Carbon Freeze

12:45 Closing Remarks
Location: Auditorium
DeAnna Rieber, Symposium Organizer – Thank you!

To RSVP email cbclnyc@gmail.com